Adjusting to Your Style

Adjustable bed bases are often seen as functional and practical resources within the healthcare industry. But what if you could have a stylish and chic adjustable base at home? One that not only blends in with your style, but adjusts seamlessly in it? Ergomotion has transformed a routine category into a space where you can make a stylish and chic statement when it comes to your home. Here are three simple ways to integrate an adjustable base into your bedroom.

Stand-Alone Style

The beauty of an Ergomotion adjustable base is how cleanly attractive it is right out of the box. The streamlined design of the base can also be dressed up with a headboard of your choice or interchangeable leg styles with optional brackets and leg upgrades. It’s simple to add your own flair and personality to an already chic bed base.

Adjusting to Your Style

Platform Perfection

Have a platform-style bed? No problem. Simply remove the legs to the Ergomotion adjustable base and transform your platform bed into a modern adjustable base experience in your own home.

Adjusting to Your Style

Fits Your Frame

Ergomotion adjustable bases can also be set up by placing them inside most bed frames. Your existing headboards, footboards and side rails surround the base freely without interfering with the Ergomotion base, reflecting your aesthetic and personal style.

Adjusting to Your Style

So Simple, No Tools Are Needed

Ergomotion adjustable bed bases come ready to assemble without the need for any tools. From twist-on legs to simple plug-in power connections, the ease of set-up quickly enhances your lifestyle and turns your bedroom into a retreat.

From modern to traditional, farmhouse or industrial, an adjustable bed can fit effortlessly into your home as a primary bed without any hassle. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and style.