Myth Busters: Rethinking the Adjustable Bed

Myth Busters: Rethinking the Adjustable Bed

Let’s be honest – when you hear “adjustable bed base” you imagine a bed that’s used in a hospital or health facility. But what if an adjustable base could elevate your lifestyle along with raising your head and feet? Let’s dispel the myths and reveal the facts about adjustable bases from Ergomotion.

Myth: There’s no way I can get improved sleep or better overall health using an adjustable bed base.
Fact: According to a March 2021 industry survey, there actually is a connection between the quality of a bed and good sleep – and for many, the quality of both is made better with the addition of an adjustable base. In fact, 48% of adjustable bed base owners surveyed associate better sleep, alleviated pain and overall health and wellness with their adjustable bed base.*

Additionally, an Ergomotion remote allows you to make simple bed adjustments, activate Zero G, and get the perfect position to sleep, read or relax – all from the palm of your hand. With Ergomotion, better sleep is always at your fingertips.

Myth: Only seniors over 75 years old use an adjustable bed.
Fact: Age has nothing to do with using an adjustable bed! The majority of adjustable bed owners are between ages 35 and 54.*

Myth: A premium mattress is the only way to obtain better sleep quality.
Fact: While a high-quality mattress can aid in better sleep, don’t underestimate the power of an adjustable base. With features like adjustable positions, lumbar support, and massage options, the right adjustable base can help boost your sleep and health in a big way. Simple fixes like supporting your spine or raising your legs can help alleviate sleeping issues.

Myth: An adjustable bed can’t fit into my style.
Fact: The beauty of an Ergomotion adjustable base is how cleanly attractive it is right out of the box. Adjustable bases can also be set up by placing them inside most bed frames. Your existing headboards, footboards and side rails surround the base freely without interfering with the Ergomotion base, reflecting your aesthetic and personal style.

Myth: Adjustable beds are heavy and hard to move.
Fact: The lightweight base can move effortlessly from one location to another; allowing for easy transition wherever you go. Setting up for family during the holidays or guests visiting on vacation has never been easier.

We dispelled some of the myths surrounding adjustable beds, highlighting the fact that they’re more than just a “medical bed.” There is more than one way to obtain a good night’s sleep, and it can start with an Ergomotion adjustable bed.

*Source: “Ergomotion Survey,” 9th Wonder, March 2021.;
‡ Offered on select Ergomotion adjustable beds