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Find a list of commonly asked questions and answers about Ergomotion adjustable bases with our FAQs below.

Quest Adjustable Bases

Each Ergomotion adjustable bed base is powered by two silent-drive motors that raise and lower the head and foot portions of your bedframe, often using less power than a microwave. With the touch of your remote, you can find the perfect position in seconds. 

Each Ergomotion adjustable bedframe is designed to meet specific health and wellness needs. Consider your exercise goals, health needs, and lifestyle expectations as you decide on a new adjustable base product. If reducing snoring is your goal, then perhaps Quest 1.0 is the perfect solution for a simple adjustable headrest experience. If you suffer from chronic back pain, acid reflux, do intense functional training, or want something that can aid your aging lifestyle needs, you'll want to consider Quest 2.0, 2.5, or 4.0. Each of these higher-end products provides unique solutions to help you alleviate pain, prevent unwanted outcomes, and recover from exercise or injury.

Yes. Your adjustable bed base is also compatible with most mattresses but works best with memory foam, latex, gel, innerspring, and airbed mattresses.

A box spring base cannot flex and therefore is not compatible with an adjustable bed base. A box spring is also unnecessary as each Ergomotion product comes with 2" to 3" legs to keep your mattress elevated and accommodating to bed skirts, sheets sets, and duvet covers.

Yes. Each Ergomotion adjustable base bedframe comes with a universal bracket compatible with most popular headboard designs. If you use a slat system bedframe, please make sure the weight rating can support your adjustable bed.

No. However, higher-quality elastic sheets do help your bedding stay tucked in after multiple sessions of moving the head and footrests. Check out our high-performance elastic sheet sets here.

Many people don't realize they need one until they try one. An Ergomotion adjustable bed is more than just ergonomic – it's scientifically proven to help align your spine and alleviate pain. The Anti-Snore function elevates your head and chest to open up airways, and the Zero-Gravity function promotes weightless relaxation and holistic recovery. Add dual massage motors, a health sensor for tracking vital signs, and IFTTT smart home integrations, and you have a complete wellness ecosystem right at home.

The answer is simple: YES. We talk so much about investing in our future but that should also include investing in the future of our health and wellbeing. With literally dozens of ways to adjust to your unique needs, finding the perfect adjustable bed base from Ergomotion is the start of a new chapter towards greater sleep, more restorative wellness routines, and more purposeful lifestyle decisions.

Just like split king mattresses, a split adjustable bedframe is great for couples who have different comfort needs. A split adjustable bed allows both you and your partner to customize each side of the mattress to achieve personalized support independent of what the other prefers.

Yes! There are detailed instructions for setup/installation in the Owner’s Manual provided with the adjustable base. *Please note, two people are required for setup/installation.

Your Ergomotion product is not rated to support weights in excess of 750 pounds (340kgs), inclusive of the mattress and bedding. Your adjustable bed is also not designed to support or lift this amount in the head or foot sections alone. Exceeding the specified weight restriction could damage the bed and/or cause injury. Exceeding these limits in any manner will void your product warranties.


Yes. We currently offer a variety of black powder coated and stainless steel legs*. We also offer 3″, 5″ and 9″ casters.

*Headboard brackets are NOT compatible with 2″ legs. Please call your Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746) for further assistance. 

Yes. There are headboard brackets made specific for each Ergomotion model. Please call your Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746) for further assistance.


2-Year Hassle Free Warranty
Your adjustable base is warranted by the manufacturer against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase to the original Purchaser.

5-Year Warranty on Parts
During years 3 through 5 from the original purchase date, the manufacturer will replace any part on the adjustable base found to be defective by the manufacturer, to the original Purchaser.

10-Year Limited Warranty
Notwithstanding the above, the manufacturer extends a 10-year warranty on mechanical base parts found to be defective on a limited basis as defined herein.

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All warranty claims are processed by Ergomotion Customer Service. In order to start your claim, please call a representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746).

Please have your bed base serial number (located on your warranty card, owner’s manual, and the metal frame for your convenience) and proof of purchase readily available for assistance

A Customer Service Representative can also be contacted via Contact Us

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