What’s Your Position: Breaking Down Adjustable Bases for Side and Back Sleepers

What’s Your Position: Breaking Down Adjustable Bases for Side and Back Sleepers

Adjustable bases have been associated with improved sleep and better rest, but does it matter what position you’re sleeping? Is back best? What about sleeping on the side? We’ll break down benefits of sleeping on your side or back when using an adjustable base.

To the Left and To the Right

With 60% of adults preferring to sleep on their side, side sleeping is considered one of the healthiest sleep positions1. Sleeping on your side not only improves spinal alignment and reduces back pain but imagine how an adjustable base can further support sleep comfort.

With Ergomotion adjustable bed base, a 5–10-degree incline makes all the difference. Even with the slight articulation, it will open airways and make it easier to breathe as well as help reduce acid reflux and heartburn.

We Got Your Back

While sleeping on your back may seem uncomfortable, back sleeping is the second most common sleep position after side sleeping2. It is possible to train yourself to sleep on your back, give yourself 30 days to adjust to the new routine. An adjustable bed base can also help in training yourself to sleep comfortably on your back.

Sleeping on one’s back keeps your internal organs relaxed, but slightly elevating your head and feet helps in better circulation throughout the body and alleviates any lower back pain. Not only does the airways open up, breathing becomes smoother and allows for whole body health.

Also think about Zero Gravity (Zero-G) positioning. Ergomotion’s adjustable bed base has features that provide a Zero-G sleep environment. Zero-G helps reduce lower back pain and reduces any added strain on the heart. By laying in a Zero-G position on your back, it will give muscles a break and align the spine in a neutral position. 

Whether you’re a side sleeper or a back sleeper, an adjustable bed base gives you options to get a good night’s rest while promoting better sleep health. Consider the benefits of an adjustable base to help improve your sleep and nighttime environment.


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