What Your Dreams Actually Mean

What Your Dreams Actually Mean

What Your Dreams Actually Mean

People talk all the time about having the strangest dreams. There is always that question about what those dreams mean in particular, but it is tough to figure it out. But science has found that there are some meanings to your dreams that deserve to be seen. While a dream might seem random or unusual in nature, the dream itself is very productive.

Dump Old Memories

A critical part of dreams is that they are utilized to help with clearing out old and worthless memories that one has. The dream process takes place between the hippocampus and neocortex in the brain. The hippocampus controls memories, while the neocortex controls thoughts. The two parts may link up as they interact with each other to convey information that you experience during the day. But this only happens in your mind as you sleep and allow the brain to work naturally.

The neocortex part of the brain becomes active during the dreaming process. Various parts of the hippocampus are alerted as that part of the brain moves its memories from the day to the neocortex. The effect will cause the brain to clear out unnecessary memories, thus allowing that region in the brain to have room for taking in new memories that will come along the next day.

Expressions of Conflict

The conflicts that people might experience during the day can manifest themselves in your dreams. The action in the dream comes as the information gathered by the neocortex will become more active. Your thoughts about what has come about in the day may conflict with whatever was moved out of the hippocampus. You will start to think about some of the conflicts you came across during the day as your brain becomes active.

What About Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are situations where you experience the same things in your dreams every night. These recurring episodes are often reflections of things that you are going through in your life. As you consistently experience certain events, it becomes harder for you to focus on other thoughts during the day. You might be thinking far too much about specific things in your life, thus causing the brain to sense certain feelings or emotions throughout the day. The recurring dreams you experience can become troubling and often hard to live with.

Every Dream is Unique

The science behind what causes your dreams to be what they are like is intriguing. But you also have to watch for the explanations that come along. You cannot assume that something you read in a dream dictionary is reflective of what you are living with or what you feel. All dreams are unique and have distinct meanings. Be aware of what you are doing in your life and review how the science of dreams works to help you recognize the issues you are coming across.