Preventing Fractures through a Commitment to Healthy Bones

Preventing Fractures through a Commitment to Healthy Bones

Your bones will become fragile as you age. Part of this comes from the development of osteoporosis or your body’s general inability to take in the nutrients it requires. You may be at an elevated risk of fractures over time. Even kids may be at risk of fractures due to them not focusing on their health as much as they should. You have to look at what you can do when finding ways to develop healthy bones. You can use many strategies for your general bone needs.

Utilize Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium is needed for restoring bone tissues in your body. Vitamin D assists in getting the body to absorb calcium. You will require 1,200mg of calcium and 800 IUs of vitamin D each day to refresh your nutrient stores.

You can find calcium through various dairy products. You can also use calcium supplementation if your body is unable to process dairy foods. Start using such supplements in smaller doses so your body can become used to whatever you need to consume.

You can also find vitamin D in fish foods like tuna and salmon. Various fortified grains and dairy products also include vitamin D. You can even find orange juice that has been fortified with vitamin D.

Exercise Regularly

You can find many exercises that you will enjoy participating in, including many resistance exercises. In addition to toning your muscles, resistance exercises that require added weights will help you to build bone density. Much of this is thanks to the bone tissues being stimulated to produce a stronger lifting process.

You can participate in high-impact exercises like dancing, hiking, or stair climbing. Adding resistance weights to your body during those exercises will help you build muscle and bone mass as you train your body to handle more pressure. You can also consider low-impact exercises like elliptical training or stair-step machine walking for your best needs.

Lose Weight

The added drag that extra weight can apply on the body over time will cause the bones to be at a higher risk of fractures. Losing weight helps you to keep that added mass from being a threat to your body and daily life. A combination of exercise and a healthy diet will make a difference. Talk with a dietician for details on how you can prepare a weight loss plan to work for you.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol

Those who consume three or more alcoholic drinks in a day are at an elevated risk of bone fractures. Part of this comes from the depressant effects of alcohol. Your bones will start to wear out when you consume alcohol in excess. You should avoid alcohol consumption or at least significantly reduce your regular intake to reduce your overall risk.

You must see what you can do when aiming to keep your bones healthy. Healthy bones will help you to stay active while preventing the risk of fractures. Be sure to see how well your physical routines and daily needs are managed so you can keep from developing such fractures.