The Best Alternatives to Traditional Alarm Clocks

The Best Alternatives to Traditional Alarm Clocks

Alternatives to Traditional Alarm Clocks

Not all people can wake up to a traditional alarm clock. An alarm clock might become too muddled with environmental sounds to recognize. You could be in such a deep state of sleep that it would be hard for you to hear the alarm clock. In other cases, the alarm might be too distracting or irritating to you. Fortunately, there are some alarm clock alternatives worth taking a look at. These are solutions that will help you to get up at a reasonable time.

Physical Response Alarms

Some of the best alternative alarm clocks are models that produce slight physical responses. For instance, shock alarms will produce a gentle shock when you press the snooze button. The shock stimulates your neurological functions when used correctly. Meanwhile, vibration clocks app works on your phone by requiring you to physically shake your phone for about ten seconds to get the alarm to turn off. Physio clocks require a slightly more aggressive response to get the alarm to shut off. The clock uses an accelerometer to identify physical functions. The clock might tell you to perform a few physical activities, such as standing or walking, to get the alarm to stop sounding. Other alarms that integrated with an adjustable bed base may actually raise the bed slowly, gently prompting you to get out of bed.

Unique Sound Alarms

Sometimes the sound of a gentle beach wave will only cause a person to stay asleep. But many alternative alarm clocks can produce other sounds that trigger a person to get out of bed. Some clocks produce a blender-like noise with Styrofoam balls clanging next to each other while a jingle sounds off, for instance. Such a sound could encourage you to get up in the morning.

Alarms That Do More Than Produce a Sound

You might be impressed with how some alarm clocks can do more than produce a sound. Some clocks can do things like brew coffee. They are great alternative clocks that create an alarm via the steel ball bearings that cling together while the heat induction triggers the coffee-brewing process. The alarm clock will gently help you wake up as the unit produces coffee at a time that is suitable for your needs. You can even use a milk cooler and a sugar dispenser.

Which Works For You?

The alternatives to traditional alarm clocks that you can consider will work in many ways to help you get up in the morning. From models that require extra physical activity to ones that can brew coffee, you will be impressed with what is around. Check around with us to see how you can find a model that works right for your needs when you need to get up in the morning.