Simple Ways to Plan, Enjoy and Stick to a Healthy Meal Plan

Simple Ways to Plan, Enjoy and Stick to a Healthy Meal Plan

Where to Start

Maintaining and sticking to a healthy meal plan can be a daunting task when first starting this process. It requires dedication, reasons to keep going, and consistency. People often give up along the way. But, it is important to keep in mind the reasons that got you started on this healthy-eating journey. Adherence can be a challenge, but there are a few ways you can help yourself stick to this new change!

How to Stick to Your Plan

Create a Personalized Plan

Dietary books and the internet may outline a favorable healthy meal plan for you, but it is just a suggestion. You can and should customize it to suit your healthy preferences. And this should be fun!

Be Disciplined

For your plan to work, you need to be disciplined enough to eat less junk food and be deliberate in the days that you “cheat.” Rather than trying to make up for a bad decision, try setting yourself up to succeed by avoiding situations that you know will result in eating the wrong food.

Make Your Own Meals

Home-made meals are usually fresh and a healthier option than processed and ready-made meals. With enough foresight and planning, you can prepare and stay on schedule.

Add Some Fun to Your Recipes

To love what you eat, you need to make your food choices interesting! There are many ways to do this, and the easiest is to eat a variety of food. You can also use different spices to add a new flavor to the same ingredients.

Read Food Labels

When buying food, know what it contains and how much. This will help you shop for healthy options only, and avoid anything that may not fit into your plan.

Eat Just Enough

Have breakfast, lunch and supper and in the right amounts. Maintaining a consistent eating schedule will help regulate biological and chemical processes that will make meal plan adherence much easier. You will also avoid being too hungry and picking the wrong meal.

Create Accountability

To have the motivation to stick to a healthy diet, choose another person to stay accountable to. This can be a friend, trainer, spouse, or someone else you trust. This will help provide extrinsic motivation to maintain your meal plan.

Anticipate a Travelling Meal Plan

Sometimes you will need to travel, either for work or leisure. Ensure that you have a plan for when you travel to avoid slipping back to your old ways when on the move.