How Melatonin and Your Circadian Rhythm Relate to Each Other

How Melatonin and Your Circadian Rhythm Relate to Each Other

The production and use of melatonin in your body can influence how well you can sleep. The natural circadian rhythm will also dictate your ability to sleep. But what makes these two points in your life so important to one another? You have to watch for how your body takes in melatonin so the circadian rhythm in your brain is restored and kept healthy. The two points relate to each other well as features that ensure there are no problems with what you are doing with your life and your ability to keep yourself controlled.

Understand the Two

Your circadian rhythm refers to a timeframe for when you are capable of getting to sleep. You will use your rhythm to dictate when you can get to sleep and when you should wake up. Melatonin is naturally produced within the body to encourage the body to handle that circadian rhythm. As melatonin operates, it becomes easier for the body to get to sleep. Any disruptions in the production of melatonin will keep you from having a better rhythm.

The Hypothalamus Makes an Impact

The hypothalamus is a vital part of the brain that releases many hormones that regulate the body’s natural functions. Part of this entails the release of melatonin to allow your brain to function to your proper liking.

Your circadian rhythm will directly influence when your hypothalamus will be triggered to release melatonin. In many cases, the hypothalamus will be influenced by the sunlight that a person is exposed to. When you are exposed to more sunlight, the body will produce less melatonin. But the hypothalamus will become active in the evening as it gets darker, thus supporting your natural sleep cycle.

Changes in Your Cycle

Your circadian cycle may be disrupted by many outside factors. You might be bothered by things like not getting enough access to sunlight to help you identify the time of day. Maybe you are being subjected to far too many bright artificial lights throughout the day. Don’t forget about the risk of your circadian cycle being altered by changes in time zone as you go through the country.

Controlling Your Cycle

While planning a healthier sleep routine is essential to your life, it is vital for you to watch for how your body handles melatonin. Bright light therapy may help you to utilize times in the day when you can use bright lights to restore and refresh your hypothalamus’ ability to produce melatonin at the right times.

Some behavioral shifts like avoiding naps and getting in regular exercise always helps. You can also consider melatonin-based medications if necessary, although you would have to talk with your doctor about this to see if they can work.

The circadian rhythm is vital to your success in getting a good night’s sleep. But it is through the production of melatonin that it becomes easier for you to get that sleep you desire. Be aware of what you can do when finding a way to stay healthy.