How To Sleep Like An Elite Athlete

How To Sleep Like An Elite Athlete

Tips for Elite Sleep

How To Sleep Like An Elite Athlete

Get a bare minimum of 8 hours of sleep. The body needs extra time to repair damaged muscles from working out.

Keep a regular sleep schedule, with the same waking/sleeping times. This helps the body know when. to shut down, helping get to sleep faster

Have a routine to get ready for bed. This prepares the body to fall asleep swiftly and engage in normal circadian rhythm.

Optimize your sleep environment. No bright lights, loud noises, bad smells. Keep the temperature between 60-65 degrees.

Cut out alcohol and caffeine near sleeping. Both substances can negatively impact circadian rhythm, where caffeine impedes the ability to start sleeping, and alcohol can affect sleep patterns later in the night.

Take naps. Short, brief naps that last 20-30mins can be incredibly useful to briefly boost performance.