How to Prepare a Bed for a Baby

How to Prepare a Bed for a Baby

Baby's Sleeping Heaven

Knowing how to prepare a bed for your baby is among the first things you should learn when you become a parent. A baby sleeping in your arms is refreshing! They look so relaxed and happy in their sleep. How do you make these small angels’ sleeping time heavenly? Below are some tips to help your new child sleep well!

1) Ensure that the room the infant sleeps in (yours) is spotlessly clean, quiet and has a cool temperature. It should be dark too.
2) Dress your child in sleepers. They should be warm to eliminate the use of blankets on the baby sleeper bed.
3) Ensure that you prepare a bed for your baby that is flat and firm. Put them to sleep on their back to reduce the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
4) Ensure to have a sleeping and napping schedule for your young one. Stick to the time as this will help them sleep fast and have a powered brain.
5) Spend 10-30 minutes with your baby before putting them to bed. Also, engage in a daily, predictable routine with them to tune their brains to a schedule.
6) Let your little angel sleep naturally. Don’t do crazy things like making them cry or tiring them to put them to sleep.

Make the Bed

Three things should be your driving force as you prepare a bed for your baby; comfort, safety and clean-up ease. The main priority is to eliminate the possibility for any accidents. Listed below are steps to making a baby bed.

1) Put the baby side bed in your room. This way, you can monitor your child easily and it makes night-time breastfeeding easy.
2) Extend the inner lining of the crib around the rim. It should be fitted tightly, otherwise you risk suffocation.
3) Pull the hood over the head if you have one. This is not necessary if you have a dark room, but it will obstruct direct light into the crib when the baby is napping at daytime.
4) As you prepare a bed for your baby, tighten all ties such that they cannot be undone easily.
5) Put a waterproof mattress pad in the crib and ensure it fits perfectly with no gaps at the edges. Babies are prone to mess the bed from time to time, thus you should use bedding that is easy to clean.
6) Keep the baby bedside sleeper as warm as possible. Waterproof sheets, also known as sheet savers are the best to use. Avoid using blankets as they could entrap or suffocate the baby.
7) Put your toddler in the baby bed to test how comfortable they are. You can then put the crib on a stand and wait for them to sleep.

Preparation and Safety

Prepare a bed for your baby that is safe, comfortable and inviting. If you want them alive and well, then adhere to the following don’ts:
1) Don’t share the bed. They are adorable and you want to keep them close, but quit bed-sharing with your baby. Adopt co-sleeping: share the room.
2) Don’t put things in the crib. Pillows, toys, blankets, comforters, et cetera are a risk. They could poke or suffocate your kid. Put nothing else but the baby in the crib.
3) Don’t leave milk or juice in the baby bed. No edibles there should be allowed in the baby bed as they are a choking hazard.
4) Don’t expose your baby to cigarette smoke. That is now a baby bedroom, hence a no-smoking zone. Infants’ lungs and growth are fragile.
5) Don’t let the baby sleep on the couch, armchair or sofa. It goes without saying; babies sleep in their beds. Any other place could be unsafe for them.