7 Tricks to Eat Healthy While You’re Dining Out

7 Tricks to Eat Healthy While Youre Dining Out

7 Tricks to Eat Healthy While You’re Dining Out

As fun as it is to be with people you enjoy while trying out new foods at a restaurant, doing so can also be dangerous to your health. You never know how many calories are in certain foods, or what risky additives or fats are added to those foods. But you can reduce your risk by using a few tips for eating healthy even as you are dining out somewhere.

Review the Menu Before Visiting

Many restaurants post their menus online to let you know what’s available. Take a look at the menu before you visit if you can. Review the food options and see which choices are right for you. It is easier for you to make a decision when you aren’t as distracted like when you are at a restaurant and reading the menu for the first time.

Consume Water Before and During the Meal

Having more water before and during your meal will ensure that you can avoid taking in more food than necessary. Water sends signals to the brain stating that you are properly satiated. More importantly, it is effortless to eat more food than needed when you are thirsty.

Review Your Meal Preparation

Avoid things that are fried or sautéed. Anything that appears somewhat crispy might be unhealthy too. Look for grilled or roasted foods instead; those foods do not contain as many fats.

Double Check Low Carb Options

Low-carb foods are being offered at lots of restaurants to highlight foods that are supposedly healthy. But many of those low-carb foods contain fatty meats that provide a disproportionate number of fats versus the calories included in the meal.

Avoid Beginning the Meal With Bread

The bread that is offered to you when a meal is first brought to the table might sound appealing, but in many cases, the bread will going to fill you up with carbohydrates that can cause bloating. Ask for vegetables at this point if you can.

Avoid Mixed Drinks

Many of the drinks that are mixed at dining spots come with excess calories and sugars. Ordering a basic glass of wine or a low-calorie beer is fine, but it is even better to stick with water so you don’t take in more calories.

Order Your Meal First

The last thing to do is to order first. You might be influenced by other peoples’ decisions when they order before you. This comes as many people are often influenced to do what others do when in public situations. Ordering first ensures you don’t succumb to that pressure. You may even encourage others at the table to look at healthy options.