5 Ways to Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

5 Ways to Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

Daily Energy Boost

The three general pillars of day to day health are sleep, meal plan, and an exercise routine. While having a perfect schedule for each of these is quite rare, there are several habits you can begin building that will dramatically increase your energy and longevity.

Have Regular Physician Appointments

The best way to accurately keep track of your health is to see a doctor! This may appear to be trivial advice, but an third-party professional view of your health is critical. Qualified feedback will give you a solid benchmark for your current health, and any necessary procedures and directives for potential adjustments.

Keep a Consistent Workout Schedule

The key to a great workout program is consistency! Workouts do need to involve progressive overload in order to see results, but showing up at least three days a week is highly important. Building this habit will improve sleep with a lower resting heart rate, and promote the intent to eat more healthily.

Audit Your Social Circle

Although not directly food, sleep or exercise, your closest companions have an incredible influence on the three pillars of health. Their habits often are projected onto you – directly or indirectly. Writing a list of habitual types of entertainment or typical forms of hangouts can help determine if your closest friends are helping your optimize your health.

Maintain a Meal Journal

Hindsight may appear to be 20/20, but in fact our recollection of past meals tends to be skewed. The best way to avoid this bias is to keep a written or typed log of all food consumed daily. This can be as detailed as needed, based on any additional needs for macronutrient tracking.

Use Smaller Meal Plates

As trivial as it may seem, having a physically smaller plate will promote less consumption of food. Seeing a full plate in front of you will suggest an entire meal is being eaten, without stuffing an extremely large dinner plate.