5 Things Parents Need to Know About Kids and Mealtime

5 Things Parents Need to Know About Kids and Mealtime

5 Things Parents Need to Know About Kids and Mealtime

Kids these days are so active that it’s next to impossible to get them to sit down for mealtime. Even worse, it is often a challenge for you to get your kids to eat their meals. Kids are notorious for being picky eaters. But there are five useful things you can consider when getting your kids to enjoy their meals.

Allow Your Kids to be Involved

Have your kids help you with planning meals. They can assist you with setting the table, washing off ingredients, mixing foods, and helping with getting certain pots and pans ready. Your kids can learn more about what goes into their foods and what makes their meals so unique. Any kid who participates in the preparation effort will feel more motivated to enjoy a good meal.

Provide Reasonable Choices

Kids like it when they have choices in their lives; they don’t want to be bound to rules all the time. Therefore, you should offer some sensible choices for dinner. You might ask your kids if they want corn, peas, or beans with their dinner. The choices can be anything so long as they are wholesome. If you were to serve burritos, you could ask your kids if they want beef, chicken, or pork in those burritos. You can also ask if they want black or pinto beans. Allowing your kids to have some control over the dinner, at least within a semblance of reason, will make them feel more interested in the dinner activity.

Facilitate Communication with a Friendly Atmosphere

You should turn off the television set, any computer screens, mobile devices, and other screens in your kitchen area before dinner. The experience has to come with no distractions whatsoever. This is to create a comfortable space where family members can talk to each other and share what they have been doing throughout the day. The experience is something that kids will not feel intimidated by; they will be more likely to want to eat their meals at this point.

Produce a Better Eating Routine

You have to ensure your kids are hungry when it’s time for dinner or another meal. Create rules in the house for when the kitchen is available. Snacks can be offered during the day, but you should have rules as to how long before a meal a snack could be provided.

Prepare One Meal for the Family

The meal that you serve to your kids and any other adults in the house should be the same. Allowing all people to have the same meal reduces intimidation and shows kids what proper eating behaviors are about.