The Future of Sleep

ErgoSportive beds combine a premium Smart and Adjustable base with non-contact biometric sensors to deliver an integrated sleep system.

Our proprietary biometric sensors measure sleep stages & health metrics. No need to wear a fitness or sleep tracker.

1) The biometric sensors detect micro-vibrations emitted by the body to analyze sleep. No need to wear a watch or other device.

2) Analyze your health metrics using our app. Share your health reports with a coach, trainer, physician or loved one.

3) Receive personalized recommendations to improve your sleep & recovery.

4) Control your bed with the advanced feature remote and set alarms to wake to a gentle massage or positioned in Zero-G®.

5) Connect your Garmin® wearablefor a 24/7 view of recovery and performance.

ErgoSportive focuses on how sleep technology can better support you.

In partnership with sleep scientists & researchers, studies support that sleep quantity and quality are important factors in supporting your optimal performance, recovery and wellness. It's our mission to help you be at your best.

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Health Benefits that Matter

Alleviate Back Pain

Alleviate Back Pain

Adjust to Zero-G® to reduce pressure on the lumbar region which can alleviate back pain.

Reduce Swelling

Reduce Swelling

Reduce peripheral swelling by resting with your feet above your heart.

Increase Circulation

Increase Circulation

Facilitate blood flow and improve recovery with vibration motors and adjustable positions.

Minimize Acid Reflux

Minimize Acid Reflux

Dial in your perfect position to help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.

Eliminate Snoring

Eliminate Snoring

Anti-Snore detects and gently raises the head to stop snoring for a more restful sleep.

Improve Breathing

Improve Breathing

Open airways and lungs by raising the head for a more restorative nights sleep.

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The ErgoSportive app allows you to view sleep reports and health metrics in one place. Receive personalized suggestions to improve sleep quality.

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Sleep Better. Recover faster.™

ErgoSportive is a complete sleep system comprised of an adjustable smart bed with built in health sensors and an integrated app that provides insight to your health, fitness, and recovery. Designed with your active lifestyle in mind.

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