5 Problems with Split King Adjustable Beds [& How to Fix Them]

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If you're thinking about buying a split king adjustable bed, you're likely aware of its benefits. Notably, they can minimize motion transfer disruptions between sleeping partners and allow each person to adjust their side of the bed to promote better, more restful deep sleep. However, are there any downsides? While there are a few issues you should be aware of, they are all easily solvable. 

Here are five potential problems with split king adjustable beds and how to fix them with a few simple tricks.

What is a Split King Adjustable Bed?

A split king adjustable bed is essentially two Twin XL beds combined to form a single unit. The primary purpose of this design is to offer each person sleeping on the bed greater control over their sleeping environment. 

With a split king bed, individuals can customize their side of the bed to meet their specific needs. For instance, they can choose to raise the head or foot of their bed to a position that feels most comfortable, or they can opt for the zero-gravity position, which offers several benefits for recovery and health-related concerns. Split king beds also allow each person to select the best mattress for them, as opposed to having to compromise with their partner.

In contrast, a traditional king bed is a large frame accommodating a single king mattress. While a split king bed may appear to be two separate beds, they offer the same size as a standard king bed when combined. The significant difference, however, is that each person can enjoy the bed's features and benefits independently, making it an ideal choice for couples with differing sleep preferences.

Couple lying down on a split-king bed

5 Problems with Split King Adjustable Beds & How To Fix Them

1. There is a Split in the Middle of the Bed

It's true that a split king adjustable bed utilizes two Twin XL mattresses and frames. This means that each person sleeping in the bed has their own designated space, but it also creates a small split where the mattresses come together.

The split between the two mattresses may not be as noticeable as one might think. Despite being separate, the two Twin XL mattresses fit snugly together, and most modern mattresses offer additional support near the edge.  For instance, the ErgoMattress and ErgoMattress Hybrid both feature ErgoEdge™ Support. If the split bothers you, there are practical solutions that can help you fully enjoy the benefits of a split king adjustable bed.

One option is to connect the two frames with a king-sized headboard. This will keep the beds and mattresses together snugly without interfering with their operation. For example, the ErgoSportive king-size smart bed has a LED-lit headboard (with a sunrise/sunset feature) that keeps its two sides from sliding apart. Alternatively, you could use headboard brackets to attach a headboard to your split king bed.

Another solution is to try a bed bridge, which creates a bridge between the two mattresses. The bridge connects the two mattresses with a piece of foam that fills the space between them, making the split barely noticeable.

2. The Two Mattresses May Slide

The truth is all mattresses have the potential to slide. Regardless of your mattress, there is a quick and inexpensive fix for this. Put a rug gripper pad between the base and each mattress. That will keep things from shifting.

The ErgoMattress has a non-slip silicone bottom that was specifically designed for adjustable beds and helps resolve this problem.

3. A Split King Adjustable Bed is Difficult to Make

One of the most common concerns before purchasing a split king bed is dealing with the fact that each mattress has its own fitted sheet set. However, an adjustable bed provides a perfect solution to this problem. By raising the head of the bed, you can easily split the mattresses and manage each corner when putting on the fitted sheet for each side. 

After you finish one side, simply flatten the bed and repeat the process for the other side. Since they are two separate beds, changing the sheets is actually easier. And when you want to rotate the mattress, heavy, awkward flips won’t be an issue.

4. Adjusting the Bed Makes a Noise

Although some adjustable beds tend to make noise, this problem can be easily mitigated by investing in a quality one. Take, for instance, the ErgoSportive smart bed, equipped with silent drive motors engineered by the reputable German company Okin. Thanks to these quiet motors, the bed operates discreetly and does not disturb you or your partner’s sleep.

The bed also has an anti-snore feature that automatically raises the head if needed, which is made possible by the quiet motor that operates noiselessly. 

5. It Might Feel Like You Have Less Space

At first it may feel that you have less space on your side but the adjustment time is fairly fast. The main advantage of a split king adjustable bed is that it provides each person sleeping on it with their own space, mattress selection and control over position. This means that if you prefer to have your head up while your partner doesn't, you can adjust the bed to suit both of your needs. This is a significant benefit that makes the bed an excellent choice. While it may take some time at first to get used to having your own space, the benefits greatly outweigh the time it takes to adjust.

The Verdict

So, are there really downsides to having a split king adjustable bed? Not really, because any issues that come up are simple to fix. And when you consider the many benefits of a split king adjustable bed, you’ll quickly see the value of a great night’s sleep.

Invest in Your Sleep with an Ergomotion Split King Adjustable Bed

We spend one-third or more of our lives in bed. So, when the time comes to buy a new one, you are making an investment that will impact a large segment of your life. At Ergomotion, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the restorative sleep you need—and deserve—for optimal health and happiness. Browse our collection of adjustable beds today and find the perfect fit for you.


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