Is Your Smart Bed Listening to You?

Side by side of a man working out then sleeping in an ErgoSportive smart bed

In today's interconnected world, smart devices have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. From the smartphone in your pocket to the smart lock on your front door, these devices offer unparalleled convenience. However, with convenience often comes concerns about privacy. This leads many to wonder: Is your smart bed listening to you?

The Intricacies of Smart Bed Technology

While smart beds are equipped with sensors to monitor aspects like snoring, respiration, and heartbeat, the extent of their "listening" capabilities largely depends on the brand. For instance, many brands have incorporated snore detection features, given that a staggering 30 million people in the U.S. suffer from sleep apnea, as reported by the American Medical Association. With snoring being a prevalent symptom of this condition, the question arises: How do these beds detect it?

How Do Snore Monitoring Systems Work?

Many smart beds employ microphones embedded within the bed frame to "listen" for snoring. Upon detection, the bed adjusts itself. Some even utilize smartphone apps that activate the phone's microphone throughout the night. While this technology is undeniably innovative, the constant "listening" can be unsettling for some.

The ErgoSportive Smart Bed Does Not Use a Microphone

Setting itself apart, Ergomotion opts for a more privacy-centric approach. Eschewing microphones, our smart beds utilize non-contact sensors that pick up on micro-vibrations, indicative of snoring. This allows the ErgoSportive smart bed to automatically make subtle adjustments, enhancing your sleep without compromising your privacy.

Beyond snoring detection, our ErgoSportive smart bed features non-contact sensors that measure:

  • Sleep stages
  • Respirations
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep movement

Other features found on our smart beds include:

  • Headboard with LED light
  • One-touch flat position
  • One-touch zero-gravity position
  • Relaxation mode to help you fall asleep or gently wake up
  • Customizable presets so you can find your favorite sleep position with the touch of a button.
  • USB-3.0 and USB-C ports let you recharge your phone battery as you sleep.

Prioritizing sustainability, our beds boast a zero standby power system, ensuring minimal energy consumption. The German-engineered Okin motors guarantee silent adjustments, and our power outage protection ensures uninterrupted comfort even during electrical failures.

Ergomotion Values Your Privacy

Now that you know Ergomotion understands your need for privacy, you can rest easy. We believe that while technology should enhance your sleep experience, it shouldn't come at the cost of your peace of mind. Our commitment to non-invasive monitoring ensures that your intimate moments remain just that—intimate.

Pairing the Perfect Sleep Sanctuary

To elevate your sleep experience even further, consider pairing our innovative bed frame with our meticulously crafted mattresses. Whether you prefer the plush comfort of memory foam or the balanced support of a hybrid mattress, we have a mattress tailored just for you. 

Ready to transform your sleep? Step into a world of unmatched comfort and advanced technology. Explore our full range of sleep products, including the smart bed that respects your privacy.

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