How to Use a Headboard With an Adjustable Bed

Women sleeping on an adjustable bed with a headboard

The benefits of adjustable beds are undeniable, leading many to embrace this modern sleep innovation. Yet, a common query arises: "Can you put a headboard on an adjustable bed?"

For those who wish to merge an adjustable bed’s functional versatility with aesthetic charm, integrating a headboard is the answer. It seamlessly aligns the bed with your room's ambiance, ensuring it doesn't stand apart but rather complements your decor.

Let's explore methods to achieve this harmonious blend.

Why Worry About a Headboard?

While an adjustable bed stands as a testament to modern comfort, the absence of a headboard might leave a visual gap in your bedroom's design. A headboard isn't essential to enjoy an adjustable bed's functionalities, but it is for those who value an aesthetically pleasing room. 

There are some practical reasons to consider a headboard, too. For example, it protects your wall from you. Without a headboard, your head might touch the wall when you sleep, leaving scuffs or oil marks.

A headboard also protects you from the wall. It can keep you from bumping against it which can be painful.

Finding a Headboard to Work With an Adjustable Bed

Most headboards seamlessly complement an adjustable bed. The key is using the right headboard brackets. While some bed frames like the ErgoSportive Smart Bed and Dawn House Bed come equipped with these, others might require a separate purchase. 

Transitioning from a standard bed to an adjustable variant? Your existing headboard could very well be a match. Before considering a new purchase, assess if your current piece aligns with the adjustable frame's design.

Steps to Attach a Headboard to an Adjustable Frame

Once you find a headboard you like, make sure the size is right and determine where it attaches to the frame.

Finding the Brackets

Start by checking for brackets on your adjustable bed frame. The brackets will most likely be on the frame's sides and be "T" shaped on the front legs.

If there are no brackets, look for mounting holes. These allow you to attach brackets you buy to the frame. The mounting hold will also be on the front legs at the side. If you are unsure if your bed frame has mounting holes or brackets, talk to the retailer or manufacturer.

Sizing the Headboard

Often, the bracket attachments on the bed frame are on the sides, so the headboard needs to be slightly wider than your frame. If it is too wide, though, it may not fit properly.

Also, measure the height of the headboard. Make sure it is a comfortable height for your needs.

Connect the Brackets to the Bed Frame

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect the brackets to your bed frame. Read through the instructions first and make sure you have the necessary tools. Typically, the brackets attach with screws and nuts.

Line Up the Headboard

Aligning the headboard can be a tad challenging, especially if it doesn't touch the floor. It's wise to have an extra set of hands to ensure the headboard remains steady while you align the mounting holes with the brackets.

Double Check to Make Sure the Headboard is Secure

Once you have the headboard in place, check it to make sure it is secure. Shake it with your hands. Sit on the bed and lean against it. Finally, raise the head of the bed up and down a few times. The mattress should move in front of the headboard without catching on it.

Your Dream Sleep Awaits

If the idea of a headboard with your adjustable bed has been a point of contemplation, let Ergomotion put those concerns to rest with our ErgoSportive smart bed, Dawn House Bed, or headboard brackets

Have questions? Reach out to us at any time and we will be eager to help you find the bed of your dreams.

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