How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed

How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed

While the benefits of adjustable beds are well-known, many potential buyers express concerns about keeping sheets securely in place. Wondering if specialized sheets are a necessity?

The good news is that most standard sheets, when fitted correctly, are compatible with adjustable beds. For those seeking a tailored solution, there are sheets specifically designed for adjustable beds. Additionally, various tools can enhance the grip of your existing sheets, ensuring they stay put.

Versatility is one of the things that make adjustable beds stand out. That is true when it comes to bedding, as well. You just need to find what works best for you. Let us help you learn how to keep sheets on an adjustable bed.

Why Do Sheets Fall Off an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed isn't that different than conventional designs. Bed sheets can slip off any bed for several reasons.


Incorrect sizing is a common problem with all beds. If the sheets are too small, they don't wrap around the edge of the mattress firmly. That allows them to slide off as soon as any pressure is put on them.

Too big is just as bad. The excess fabric means they can't get the proper grip on the mattress corner. The elastic doesn't fit over the mattress because you have to tuck it under to smooth out the sheet.

How You Sleep

Poor sleep quality is another culprit. If you toss and turn when you sleep or get up a lot, that extra movement can pull the sheet off the corners and displace them.


People aren't born knowing how to make their beds properly. It's a learned skill set. If you haven't mastered the process, you may be prone to sheets that come off. This is especially true with fitted sheets. They are made so you put them on the bed in a specific way. If you deviate from that, the sheets will not fit right.

How to Make an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds should be easier to make than stiff, flat ones. You can use the bed frame to manipulate the mattress, so corners are easier to get to and sheets tuck better.

  1. Start by raising the head of the bed. This gives you easy access to the corners at the top. Locate the tag on your sheets and ensure it is placed at the bottom right corner of the bed. That is an easy tip for ensuring each corner is in the right spot.
  2. Slide the top corners onto the mattress and then smooth it down over the top of the bed.
  3. Move to the foot of the bed and attach the corners. You can raise the foot if necessary, as well.
  4. Grab your remote and press the "Flat" button. This will finish the job for you. As the ends of the bed return to the flat position, they will pull the fitting sheet tight to the mattress.
  5. Unfold the top sheet and find the tag. It should also go in the lower right corner. Tuck the sheet under the mattress and pull it up toward the top.
  6. Return to the bottom of the bed and tuck in the sides of the sheet to secure it in place.

If you make the bed correctly, the sheets should stay in place. You might need new sheets if you struggle no matter what you do.

How to Put Sheets on a Split King Bed

A split king bed has two distinctive sides. That makes it more like two twin mattresses pushed together on one split adjustable bed frame.

Some may think that getting sheets that fit is one of the problems with split king beds. The process is precisely the same, though; you just use twin sheets. Follow the same steps but make up each side of the bed separately. 

Tips for Buying Sheets for Adjustable Beds

If you decide to buy new bed linen, look for labels indicating compatibility with adjustable beds Often, bed sheet manufacturers design their products to fit both standard and adjustable beds, so the price should be about the same.

There are features to look for to make sheets work better with adjustable beds. For example, sheets with deep pockets have more give to them but still stay on the corners.

There are also sheets with an elastic band that fits under the mattress. This is an additional strip of elastic that slides deeper under to help secure the sheet. It gives you extra grip if the sheet pulls. The bands can be one piece or two that attach in the middle with Velcro or a clip.

Other Options

If investing in new sheets for an adjustable bed isn't on your agenda or you're seeking added assurance against sheet movement, consider sheet suspenders, fasteners, or clips. Each varies in its attachment method, with options ranging from single to triple clip connections.

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