How Many Hours of Sleep Do We Need?

How Many Hours of Sleep Do We Need?

How Much Sleep Is Really Needed?

Sleep is necessary each and every day because it allows our bodies to feel restored and refreshed. But it is also important to get the right amount of sleep in a day. You need sleep to ensure your body doesn’t wear out during the day, and that is has ample time to rebuild at night. You have to review how much sleep you get each night so you can stay healthy and ready for the day. The timing that you require for sleeping should be identified well. But how much sleep do you actually require each night?

The Basic Guideline

According to the Sleep Foundation, you need to get enough sleep based on your age. An adult from 18 years of age or greater will need at least seven hours of sleep each night. This total is necessary to ensure you feel restored and comfortable.

The Sleep Foundation also states that some people can live off of five or six hours of sleep. However, seven hours is generally regarded as the optimal middle ground. Anything less than that could put a person at risk of struggling to stay awake during the day or having a hard time with making correct decisions throughout the day.

Review Your Lifestyle and Habits

You must look at your current lifestyle to determine how much sleep is appropriate. Are you productive and active based on the amount of sleep you are getting in a day? Keeping a written list of activities and energy level throughout the day will help adequately track any points of fatigue. You might require more sleep if you are finding yourself reliant upon caffeine throughout the day to stay alert. You must also make note to get more sleep if you are chronically fatigued, especially when you are driving or doing other tasks that require your devoted concentration.

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