How an Adjustable Bed Base Changed My Pregnancy

How an Adjustable Bed Base Changed My Pregnancy

Hi, I’m Rachel Earls, a mom of three boys, currently pregnant with my fourth, and married to the love of my life. I’m a content creator and author, so I’ve been sharing our life story online like an open book since 2014. Whether it’s the highs, the lows or every real moment in between, I strive to be vulnerable and relate to people, so no one feels alone in this journey of life. As part of this openness, I wanted to share my candid, unfiltered experience of pregnancy–And I have had plenty of experience!

During my first pregnancy, I had extreme back pain and it was not your typical pregnancy back pain. I experienced intense upper back pain and after an X-ray I was told it was degeneration in my spine. The excruciating pain continued throughout my three pregnancies, and I was forced to lay on my back. In my third pregnancy, I also had an emergency C-section, which made it even more difficult to lift myself up every time I needed to breastfeed or to eat or drink. I decided to get a second opinion and saw a specialist who told me I have a slight scoliosis, which was contributing to my severe chronic pain. The pain was pretty debilitating, limiting my capabilities to sit or stand for very long–I was bedridden by nature of my back pain.

The challenge with needing to lay on my back was not being able to breathe with the added pressure of a baby laying on top of me. As you may know, physicians advise pregnant women to sleep on their side, which I physically could not do. So, the slightest lift of my back was necessary, but anything too far forward and the pain would return. 

I discovered the Ergomotion Quest 4.0 adjustable bed base just in time during my fourth pregnancy! I’m so grateful because I can now slightly lift the head of our bed, easing pressure from my lower back and neck and helping me get much better sleep. The lumbar support and head tilt articulation is also relieving the pain of having to prop myself up during pregnancy. The benefits don’t stop there, I have also been using the massage feature during the night, which is a soothing distraction from the pain. With the odds of another C-section high for this pregnancy, I’m looking forward to having the adjustable base during recovery, where I can comfortably and conveniently sit up and breastfeed my baby.

My whole family also loves the Ergomotion bed base! We raise our heads to watch a movie in bed with the kids, and my husband loves the zero gravity feature, which I will soon be able to enjoy after my pregnancy. He also tends to snore which wakes me up at night, so with our bed base we can adjust the position to stop the snoring. The hands-free voice commands are also a savior. The list goes on and on!

With my Ergomotion bed base, I feel less pain and a little bit of peace going into probably yet another C-section, and that to me is priceless.

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