Ergomotion® develops the first Smart & Adjustable Recovery System connectable with Garmin® wearables

The first-of-its-kind sleep system provides an exclusive connection between a smart bed and a smartwatch, using advanced smart sensor technology to provide users 24/7 reports on their health and sleep data as well as tailored recovery recommendations via the ErgoSportive™ Mobile App and Garmin® wearables.

Committed to offering innovative solutions for those who enjoy sports, technology, and the benefits of monitoring devices that allow them to know more about their health and performance, Ergomotion® and Garmin® bring both product ecosystems together to help improve users’ sleep and recovery.

The search for a healthy lifestyle and the advancement of technology have been essential populational drivers. In 2022, wearable technology sits at number one on the top 10 fitness trends, quoting the ACSM Worldwide Surveys of Fitness Trends, and people are at last aware of how crucial sleep is for human performance.

The growing symbiosis around well-being and the use of monitoring gadgets has led health and technology companies to perform extensive research and development of products that meet the needs of athletes and sports lovers, to find new performance enhancement solutions. With this in mind, and conscious that sleep and practising sports are not detached occurrences, Ergomotion® has developed ErgoSportive™, a sleep system designed for active, health-aware consumers seeking to understand their bodies better and to wake up more energised.

“Good sleep hygiene is essential to stress reduction, fitness recovery, and overall well-being. Garmin® wearables provide accurate sleep-tracking and an overall snapshot of how well you are sleeping with sleep scores, estimated duration of sleep stages, and detailed recommendations for the user1,” said Joern Watzke, Garmin Health senior director of global B2B sales.

According to Nuno Figueiredo, Ergomotion® EU’s Managing Director, “the technology that powers system enhancement allows the combination of collected data and, hence, the ErgoSportive™ system will offer customized recovery advice based on Garmin® users’ performance, allowing the user to make proper use of their adjustable sleep system, taking their recovery to a higher level of energy.”

As a smart and adjustable sleep system, ErgoSportive™ also offers unprecedented comfort for your favorite bedtime activities, such as watching TV, reading, or simply resting, thanks to its innovative, flexible base and three preset positions. Besides, the bed automatically adjusts its position during the night to prevent snoring, thanks to its anti-snoring functionality. Moreover, it improves the user’s experience while awake, along with their overall well-being, whether you are a seasoned sports practitioner or just starting.

Driven by sleep quality and sports performance, the ErgoSportive™ bed stands out for its high levels of Health & Wellness requirements associated with elevated patterns of aesthetics and design, and it already undertakes to be the best complement for those who are looking for better quality rest and sleep, as well as performance enhancement.

Nuno Figueiredo asserts that “Ergomotion® has been developing and creating innovation in sleep technology, and ErgoSportive™ is yet another solution that leverages our beds as more than a piece of furniture, developing into gadgets with a direct impact on the body’s recovery and sleep quality.”


1Garmin smartwatches are not designed or intended to monitor or diagnose diseases or any medical conditions. Find information on metric accuracy here.

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