Do Adjustable Bases Ruin Mattresses? Explained

Man on his laptop while laying on a RIO adjustable bed

Do adjustable beds ruin mattresses? The simple answer is no, as long as your mattress is compatible with one. But how can you know? That’s where things get a little tricky.

Most modern mattresses have a construction that works well with an adjustable bed. There are some things you should consider, though, when purchasing a mattress for your new adjustable bed.

What About Your Current Mattress?

With the rising consensus that adjustable beds are worth the investment, the industry has seen significant growth. In response, mattress manufacturers are now crafting products tailored specifically for these innovative frames. But if you're wondering about your existing mattress, those only a few years old are likely compatible.

When purchasing an adjustable bed base, discuss your mattress specifications with the dealer. They'll be well-equipped to determine its compatibility.

When selecting a mattress for an adjustable frame, consider the following factors to ensure compatibility:

  • Flexibility – The mattress must be pliable enough to bend with the adjustable frame. Overly rigid mattresses might not adapt well.
  • Thickness – Modern mattresses are slimmer, which is one reason they do work well on an adjustable base. The technology has advanced enough that thickness no longer defines a good mattress. If your mattress is too thick, it will interfere with the adjustable technology.
  • Weight – A particularly heavy mattress will also be problematic for an adjustable base to move and bend.
  • Material – An old-school innerspring mattress will probably not work unless it has individually wrapped coils. You will have better luck with a foam or latex product.

Often, the best option is to buy a mattress with your new adjustable bed.

How to Choose a New Mattress for Your Adjustable Bed

It's often wise to purchase your mattress alongside your adjustable base for seamless compatibility. While Ergomotion adjustable bases are versatile enough to accommodate most mattresses, we also offer specially designed mattresses to complement your adjustable bed. Opting for a mattress from the same brand as your base, helps ensure a perfect fit and eliminates any compatibility concerns.

If you're considering purchasing a mattress from another retailer, there are certain aspects to bear in mind.


The mattress industry is expanding, with new brands emerging annually. A mattress is a significant investment, therefore, it's wise to opt for well-researched brands. While you don't need to stick to the brands of yesteryears, like the ones your parents might have chosen, it's beneficial to choose a company with a proven track record. Brands like Ergomotion have established reputations and exceptional customer service. Be cautious with newer manufacturers; they might still be ironing out potential issues.

To gauge a brand's reliability, peruse their website's 'About' section and independently search for customer feedback. This will offer a clearer picture of the brand's credibility. Before finalizing your purchase, consult the dealer to ensure the mattress is compatible with an adjustable bed, ensuring clarity and confidence in your choice.


While a mattress may technically fit an adjustable bed frame, it doesn't guarantee personal comfort. Opt for brands that provide warranties and in-home trials. This ensures you can return the mattress if it proves unsatisfactory or unexpectedly incompatible with your adjustable frame.

Don't let the wrong mattress stand between you and the benefits of adjustable beds. Discover what Ergomotion offers on our website today. With our ErgoMattress's 100-night trial, you can be confident in your choice.

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