8 Foods That Help You Sleep

8 Foods That Help You Sleep

Staying Asleep

Sometimes it’s your diet that is keeping you from getting to sleep. You aren’t giving your body enough of the healthy foods that you require to get asleep and stay that way. Fortunately, there are eight useful foods that you can consider for your dietary needs when you need help with getting to sleep.

Fish Works In Many Forms

The first of the foods that help you sleep is fish. You can find vitamin B6 in most forms of fish, including tuna and salmon. Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is a vitamin required for the production of melatonin, a compound that triggers sleep in dark conditions. The nutrient assists you in getting a proper sleep cycle moving about at night.

Chickpeas Also Have B6

Another food rich in pyridoxine is the chickpea. The grain has become popular in recent time as it is regularly crushed and mixed in hummus dips. You can have a few spoons of chickpeas during the day to help induce sleep at night.

Almonds Reduce Inflammation

Add almonds into your diet to help you get to sleep. Almonds contain magnesium and riboflavin, but what makes these nuts work so well is that the almond may help in reducing inflammation around the body. The reduction will lead to a drop in cortisol, a stress hormone that prevents sleep.

Don’t Forget Walnuts

You can also add walnuts to your dietary routine. In addition to having omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts will also assist you in getting to sleep. ALA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids produced here. ALA is converted within the body into DHA, a compound that may increase serotonin production, thus allowing the body to get to sleep.

Cottage Cheese Restores the Body

Cottage cheese is a prominent dairy product that includes casein, a milk protein. Casein triggers muscle repair while you are asleep and may help you with getting to sleep. It is best to have cottage cheese about an hour before you get to sleep for the best results.

Turkey Really Does Work

You’ve probably heard stories about people falling asleep on Thanksgiving after eating a turkey dinner. Well, those stories are indeed true. Turkey contains tryptophan, an amino acid that regulates melatonin production.

The Kiwi Helps In Many Forms

The kiwi is a tropical fruit that contains vitamins C and K, but this fruit also helps with reducing inflammation. The vitamin C in the fruit is vital for controlling that inflammation before it can become problematic.

Green Tea Works When Decaffeinated

Green tea is one of the most popular forms of tea around thanks to its high antioxidant total. Green tea has theanine, a compound that encourages a healthy sleep cycle. But for the best results, you need to avoid caffeine in any green tea you consume

Each of these foods should help you get to sleep without effort or struggle. Be sure to see how they all work when you’re aiming to get the healthy and consistent sleep that you require.