6 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

6 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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It is not strange to find people striving to stay healthy when traveling for business. In fact, many people who are constantly on the go show signs of gaining extra weight, recurring sickness, and chronic fatigue after a few months of business traveling. There are many factors, including a hectic schedule, experiencing anxiety, shifting to different time zones frequently, and occasionally eating unfamiliar foods.

It is important that you know how to eat, sleep and stay healthy as a traveler. Life does not stop when you are on the move, and as tricky as it may seem, you need to have a schedule and lifestyle guide to keeping it healthy while abroad or on the road.

Tips to Maintain Health

Stay hydrated

Carry water every time you travel. It will keep you hydrated and help maintain your energy. It also helps you feel sightly less hungry as your stomach will be at least partially filled. Ensure that you buy bottled water if you are suspicious of the sanitation of the area you are visiting.

Pack some food

Be sure to eat before leaving for your journey and carry some food to the airport. This will help you avoid purchasing too much junk food that will ultimately slow you down. If you are travelling by car, have a personal ‘food pantry’ where you can store your snacks and food. Carry a cooler for your drinks.

Choose Your Meal

Avoid fast food as much as possible; the lack of nutritional balance with cause you to feel fatigued. Fruit, nuts and yogurt are good alternatives if you have to be on the move while eating. Avoid fried food, sodas and excess red meat as well. They contain an excess of calories, which will be more than you are expending (leading to weight gain). Instead, try to have sit-down meals and ask your server to explain what is on the menu for you to pick the healthiest food. Some of the common healthy options to consider include skinless grilled meat, fresh salads, fresh juice and mashed potatoes.


Seek out any options for exercise. If you are a runner, running in the evening or morning is a great way to bookend your days with activity. If possible, you can do indoor workouts for targeted results. Movements such as push-ups, dips, leg raises, sit-ups only require bodyweight, and are a great option if you are limited with exercise equipment. The most important thing is that you keep your body physically moving to combat the time spent sitting and not on your usual rhythm.

Stretch and stay active

When in the plane, your normal blood circulation may be compromised because of the long sitting hours and altitude. Stretch your muscles by curling your toes, doing some knee lifts and ankle rotations. Standing up and walking is also a great option. If you happen to have more room, you could even do some toe touches or side-to-side lunges.

If you are in a car, make good use of stop-overs. You should take the time to walk as much as possible, even if it simply stopping at a gas station or coffee shop.

Sleep right

Despite the difference in time zones and subsequent jet-lag issues, it is possible to get enough sleep. Schedule some sleeping hours and adhere to them. Try your best to not let work and anxiety interfere with your sleep—depriving yourself of rest makes you less productive.

You Have Control

Your health is in your hands even when travelling. If you are worried about how to stay healthy, you should know that you can do something about it. Ensure that you eat right, stay hydrated, be active and sleep right. Get healthy, stay heathy.

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