The Dawn House app – insights you can act on

Accessible from your smartphone or tablet, your vitals are easily visible in the Dawn House app. Share health reports with your loved ones, customize your bed settings and sync your bed with your smart home devices - all in the palm of your hand.

Track the Trends that Matter

While vital information is being gathered on a nightly basis, what’s most useful is to be able to see the information over weeks or months and act on it.

Total Sleep & Sleep Quality

Total Sleep & Sleep Quality

Each night your total sleep is captured down to the minute. The quality of your sleep is conveyed in terms of deep sleep, light sleep and awake moments.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability

Measuring HRV consistently can provide surprising insights about your fitness levels or how outside factors could be having a negative impact on your health.

Respiratory Rate

Respiratory Rate

This refers to the number of breaths you take per minute – typically 12–20 breaths per minute in healthy adults. Tracking it over time allows you to spot an abnormally high or low rate.



Dawn House captures information about snoring patterns and allows users to manage the timing of the anti-snore mode from their Routine tab.

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Your morning and evening routines made easy

It’s easy to set alarm routines that activate specific functions of the bed and can be customized daily or set to repeat with any frequency.

Whether you’re up with the sun or like to sleep in, the Rise to Wake feature can gently elevate your head at an appointed hour, easing you into your new day. Similarly, you can set your Rest & Unwind routine in the evening for your bed height to adjust up or down and enable the Anti-Snore auto bed correction if you wish.

Connected for Convenience

Using the App, you can connect the Dawn House Bed with many of the most popular in-home automation technologies using the IFTTT app, making it possible to manage lighting, music and other aspects of your home environment for enhanced safety and convenience.

Can be used with HunterDouglas, Philip Hue and Sonos.

An app that doubles as a remote

Sometimes it’s just more convenient to be able to control your bed’s settings using the App on your smartphone instead of switching to a different device. In addition, the App features one-touch presets to access Zero-G, Anti-Snore, Height and other settings.

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The Dawn House App app allows you to view sleep reports and health metrics in one place. Receive personalized suggestions to improve sleep quality. Share your sleep report with a physician or loved one.

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