Three Ways Adjustable Beds Help Couples Sleep

Three Ways Adjustable Beds Help Couples Sleep

Sharing a Bed with Your Partner

Most people have experienced the frustrations of sharing a bed with a significant other. There can be a lot of significant discrepancies, many of which are solvable with an adjustable bed. Here are four ways adjustable beds can help you and your partner get a better night’s sleep!


Snoring is the predominant condition plaguing couples night after night. Sleeping in a flat surface contributes significantly to this disturbance, and is remedied by adjust the torso position during sleep. Elevating the head can open airways to the lungs, reducing snoring and creating peace between you and your partner!

Late Night Lighting

Occasionally, one person will need to get up and leave the bed during the night. This means either the room lights are turned on, or the walking person may run into an object as they stumble through the darkness. With Underbed Lighting, the awake partner can turn around a soft light that illuminates the floor. This allows safe walking without waking or interrupting the other person!

Customizable Positions

A large portion of time spent in the bedroom includes activities that are not just sleeping: watching Netflix, chilling out after work, and eating brunch are just a few. Instead of stacking pillows, programmable positions can be used to set the bed articulation to the ideal spot.

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