What is a Split King Bed and Mattress?

ErgoSportive split king bed

Sleep is a necessity for good health. It is when the body repairs itself and regenerates. So, what is keeping you up? If you are one half of a couple, chances are the answer is the person next to you in bed.

Thanks to modern sleep technology, couples can personalize their sleeping preferences without needing separate beds. If you are wondering how to improve your deep sleep, replacing your current bed with a split king adjustable bed may be the best place to start.

What is a Split King Bed?

A split king bed is essentially two Twin XL beds put together to allow for sleeping freedom. This design lets each partner on the bed make individualized choices about things like mattress firmness and position. Split king beds and the mattresses that accompany them also eliminate motion transfer issues. That means when your partner turns over, shifts position, or even gets up to go to the bathroom, your side of the bed remains undisturbed.

ErgoSportive split king bed and mattress

Is a Split King Mattress the Same as a Regular King?

Standard king and split king mattresses are two very different mattress designs. A king mattress is one solid unit you put on any king bed frame, and both sides are (usually) exactly the same. So, couples have to compromise on features like firmness and coolness that suit them both. A king mattress will not allow both sides to move independently on an adjustable frame. However, a split king mattress allows both sides of the bed to move independently of the other side when used on a split king adjustable bed.

A split king bed and mattress is the ultimate bedding indulgence. What's so great about it? Well, it gives you a rare chance to customize your comfort level based on your unique sleeping preferences.

Gone are the days of one partner having to suffer in silence, compromising on their sleep quality. With this cutting-edge bedding solution, both of you get to pick your mattress and sleeping position, ensuring the best possible deep slumber for each of you. It's a game-changer for couples who value their restful sleep.

A regular king and a split king mattress are roughly the same size—about 76 x 80 inches. They are also similar in price. You may pay a little more to have certain technical features or advanced fabrics, but it will be worth it when restful, rejuvenating sleep is part of your nightly routine.

What Are the Benefits of a Split King Adjustable Bed and Mattress?

The idea of pushing two XL twin beds together might seem a little 1950s TV sitcom to you, but the technology, materials and design have come a long way since then and there are real benefits in the split king design.

Each person in bed has their own customized space. Each person can select the type of mattress they prefer. No more compromising on comfort. 

In addition, you stop motion transfer. You may not even realize motion transfer is much of an issue because you are accustomed to it. Imagine being able to sleep through the night without noticing any movement on the other side of the bed. No tossing, turning, getting up, or shifting positions that move the mattress and disrupt your sleep.

One of the biggest advantages of a split king adjustable bed and mattress is that each side can be positioned independently of the other side. Read on to learn more about this amazing feature.

How About Adjustability?

Adjustable frames are becoming more popular in the U.S. and worldwide. They give you the option to raise the head, foot or both. This allows you to comfortably do other things in bed, such as read a book, watch TV, or find a comfortable, supportive position when you’re sick or recovering from an injury without disturbing your partner. 

The most advanced adjustable beds also have advanced features such as a Zero-G position and anti-snore. Imagine your partner snoring and their side of the bed raises the head to help stop their snoring, all while your side remains motionless.  That is a reality with today's technology.

An adjustable bed is also beneficial for health reasons. For instance, studies show that someone who snores or has sleep apnea or acid reflux may get relief with the head of the bed raised slightly. That means a better night's sleep for you but maybe not for your partner who can't sleep with the head raised.

Maybe your partner has back spasms or swollen legs instead. They can benefit from having the legs raised a little.

When you have a split king adjustable bed and mattress, one side can be raised and the other flat. You can't do this with a regular king mattress, even if you have a split adjustable bed.

If you buy a split king smart bed and put a split mattress on it, each person can choose how they want the bed positioned. A smart bed like the one from ErgoSportive has additional advantages, such as smart sensor technology and customized recovery recommendations. 

ErgoSportive offers the only smart bed that connects with a smartwatch so you can monitor your sleep health. It isn't just an adjustable sleep recovery bed. The ErgoSportive smart bed is a lifestyle bed that helps everyone, from athletes to people with chronic health problems like sleep apnea.

Cons of a Split King Mattress

If you are a couple struggling to get a good night's sleep, the benefits outweigh the cons when it comes to a split king mattress. However, that doesn't mean there are not a few to consider, such as:

  • The Split Down the Middle: Let's face it, most people are concerned that they will not be comfortable with a split being located down the center of the bed.  With today's mattress technology this is less of an issue and something you will likely not notice at all.  Most mattress companies offer a free in-home trial period so there is no risk in trying it out for yourelf.
  • Supplies: Standard king-size sheets will not work on a split king mattress because it is made up of two Twin XL mattresses. So you will need to get two fitted Twin XL sheets (one for each mattress). You can put one cover or duvet on the bed, but you might also want separate blankets.
Person resting on the ErgoSportive split king mattress and bed

Shop the ErgoSportive Split King Adjustable Bed and Mattress System Today

Selecting a new bed or mattress is a critical investment in your health, so it's worth taking your time to ensure you get it right. With ErgoSportive's split king-sized smart bed options, we've got you covered.

The ErgoMattress and ErgoMattress Hybrid  are a cut above the rest. Featuring bamboo charcoal infused materials for odor and moisture absorbing properties and cooling features such as ErgoAir and ErgoAirflow technology.  Both ErgoMattresses also offer washable covers and a silicone anti-skid cloth specifically designed for adjustable beds. They are also anti-mite and anti-bacterial, making them the most hygienic options available for a good night's sleep. 

Why compromise on your sleep when you can have the best? Explore our sleep technology and discover how our ErgoMattress and split king-sized smart bed can transform your sleep experience for the better!

Not sure if the ErgoSportive bed would be a good fit? Try it risk-free in home for 30-days with free shipping and returns!

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