How You Can Lighten Leg Swelling

How You Can Lighten Leg Swelling

How You Can Lighten Leg Swelling

Leg swelling, or edema as it is also known, is a condition where the body retains fluids in the leg. Although it is a natural condition and is not a sign of anything serious, leg swelling can still be annoying. The swelling can cause you to feel cramped and worn out. You might especially be at risk of leg swelling if you have diabetes or kidney issues or you are pregnant. Fortunately, you can do a few things to help you with keeping all that leg swelling from being a hassle.

Keep Your Legs Elevated

Elevate your legs throughout the day to keep the fluid in the area from staying in the same spot. Prop your legs up with some pillows while in your beg. Use an ottoman while sitting down to keep your legs upward. Allows your legs to stay elevated ensures that fluid can move along evenly within the body and not being at risk of sticking in one spot during the entire day.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps you to stimulate your body, a point that keeps fluids from staying in your body for long. Activities like jogging or walking are useful as they help you strengthen your muscles and feel stronger. You can even go swimming to reduce the swelling; swimming is ideal for how it does not force you to bear excess weight on your joints.

Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day

Adding water to your daily routine is not going to increase leg swelling. Rather, not drinking water adds to that swelling. A lack of water in your routine will cause your body to retain that water and not relieve it that easily.

Allow for Slight Compression

A slight amount of compression allows you to keep your legs from swelling up. Compression can be applied with support stockings or with a support wrapping. Apply a snug fit over your leg, but make sure the compression does not become tight to where blood circulation is cut off in the leg.

Avoid Sitting in the Same Position for Too Long

You should get up and walk around at varying points during the day if you are regularly sitting down while working. You can also consider switching positions in a car while driving and stopping for breaks when needed.

What if the Condition is Serious?

There might be times when the swelling causes blisters to develop around your feet. You should talk with your doctor if blisters appear, as these could lead to infections. Also, you must contact your doctor if the swelling appears on one side of the body, as this might be a sign of much more serious issues.